SAX Ville Mont-Royal

SAX Ville Mont-Royal 

Positioned right at Montreal’s epicentre, SAX Ville Mont-Royal is an extensive 4-phase development entirely designed by NEUF architect(e)s. The first 2 phases consist of multi-unit residential towers, each 7 storeys tall, while the last 2 phases add single-family homes to the mix.
Town of Mount Royal, QC
Residential, Architecture
3 to 7
Surface area
34,400 ft² / 3,200 m²
Completed (2018)

At the heart of the project, the 21 houses are divided into two concentric rings of 13 and 8 units. The inner circle offers 2100 ft² units and the outer goes up to 2600 ft². The buildings are highly transparent and open, allowing natural light to fill each home.

This final phase combines the advantages of single-family homes with those of large-scale developments. Each house benefits from a private entrance, front lawn, garden and private pool. They also have access to a double garage through the shared underground parking structure that serves the whole site.

Photo credit : Alex St-Jean

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