Postes Canada

Postes Canada 

Awards and distinctions BOMA Prize 2002 / Precast Concrete Institute of North America Award 1993 (Head office) and more!

Following our first collaboration with Canada Post (in 1994 for the realization of its Headquarters in Ottawa), our team was asked to participate in the construction and renovation of fifteen buildings, as part of their development across Quebec.

The head office totals 1 million square feet. It brings together communication and control systems, ensuring efficient management of the entire territory served by Canada Post. The project has received two awards, a Precast Concrete Institute of North America Award (1993) and a BOMA Award (2002).

NEUF has also been responsible for all the services linked to the creation of sorting centers and points of services ince 2011, including the design, oversight studies, and site supervision. Canada Post’s design standards are translated into a minimalist, environmentally responsible design, as evidenced by three LEED certifications.

Ottawa, ON (Head office) - Longueuil, Ancienne-Laurette, Montréal-Est, Chateauguay, QC (branches)
Institutional, Architecture
15 (Head office) - 1 (Branches)
Surface area
1M ft² / 92,900 m² (Head office) - 26,350 ft² / 2,448 m² (Branches)
LEED Bronze (3 Branches)


 Photo credit : Alex Saint-Jean