In 2001, IKEA entrusted NEUF architect(e)s with the creation of three new branches in Quebec and Ontario.
Several branches
Commercial, Architecture
Surface area
380,000 ft² to 420,000 ft²

Hoping to establish their superstores in the cities of Montreal, Boucherville and Ottawa, the global leaders in home furnishing and decor had to overcome strict municipal regulations to integrate within the urban fabric.

Because each city had its own set of bylaws, our role was to navigate these obstacles all while respecting IKEA’s brand identity. By working closely with their in-house architects, we were able to find solutions that adapted the Swedish company’s distinct architecture to the various local norms.

Moreover, because these superstores tend to generate large amounts of traffic, we consulted with the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec to ensure fluid vehicle circulation as well as pedestrian safety. Entrances and exits, signage, connections to local roads, and loading dock access were all designed with safety in mind.

In 2011, we also assisted with the expansion of the Montreal store, which is today the largest IKEA in North America.

Photo credit : Alex St-Jean

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