From past to present: the traditional Christmas card

From past to present: the traditional Christmas card


Holidays are a time for cards! We want to take this opportunity to appreciate all the perspective and watercolour artists who over the past 50 years have used their talents to illustrate our projects—as well as to make the traditional NEUF Christmas card.

Over the years artists such as Maurice Amor, Pascal Boffice, Valérie Carosso, Benoit Jacques, Karl Rigle, Peter Roper, Frank Scheider and Carl Wrigley have brought our buildings to life through the mastery of their art. Architecture took shape through the movement of hands on paper, and hours of consideration went into every line.

The most prolific perspective and watercolour artists of our past continue to inspire the architects of today as they portray our dreams on computer screens. Baoloc Tran, one of our longtime colleagues, pays tribute to them with his hand-drawn illustration for this year’s Christmas card.

1982 - Maurice Amor
2021 - Baoloc Tran

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